Hypno Therapy in Wädenswil

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Hypno Therapy

Hypnosis can be used with children and adults
to promote good health and wellbeing.
It can, for example, help with
allergies, fears, phobias,
stress management,
weight loss, eating disorders,
quitting smoking,
mood swings, depression,
and addictions.
In terms of sport, hypnosis can give you mental support.
HypnoGolf® & HypnoSport®
  • Increase physical performance and endurance

  • Body awareness, body control, movements, automatisms

  • Calmness and focus

  • Target Flow & Zone

  • Perseverance and performance ability

  • Release of any kind of blockages

  • Fast recovery after training or competitions

  • Accelerated recovery from injuries or surgery

  • Eliminate stage fright and fear of failure

  • Hide and ignore fear, opponents and negative series

  • Weaken weaknesses, strengthen strengths

  • Motivation and shield from disruptive factors (i.e. referee, provocation, audience, flight partner)

  • Promote winning mentality, positive self-talk and body language

  • Tactical and technical implementation

  • Promote team spirit & cohesion

  • and much more


  • First appointment about 3 hours: CHF 270.00

  • ​Follow-up appointments per hour: CHF 90.00

My education:

  • Certified hypnotherapist OMNI

  • Certified Member of the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists)

  • Basic-Advanced HypnoGolf® Techniques Training

  • Basic-Advanced HypnoSport® Techniques Training

  • 200-Hour Therapeutic Vinyasa Krama

  • 300-Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

  • Yoga Trapeze Teacher Training